Kimberly's School Project

Kimberly and DavidKimberly Williams is the 11 year old daughter of W. Bro Andy Williams. One evening she informed her dad that she had a school project to work on and could he tell her anything about aviation. While Andy could provide some information, along with the usual parental advice of checking library books and the Internet, his knowledge was limited.

One of the great things about freemasonry is that the members within a Lodge can be very diverse. Like all good parents, Andy wanted to help Kimberly with her project so he contacted fellow Lodge member, Bro. David Hockings. David owns a light aircraft repair company and has plane which he uses for business trips and holidays. David readily agreed to arrange a visit to his hangar and spent time explaining to Kimberly how aircraft fly.  He then suggested that she (and Andy) might like a short flight around East Sussex.

Kimberly at the controlsDuring the flight over Hastings and the surrounding country side Kimberly was able to take the controls of the aircraft and learn a lot more about them and how the plane reacts when the controls and rudder pedals are moved.

Kimberly was also given an account of the exact location of the Battle of Hastings (birds-eye view), which subsequently was another school assignment in the coming months.

The afternoon was a dream come true for Kimberly as she had no idea this was all to happen, from all accounts her smile over the next few days was constant.